Journeying with Indigenous Peoples

Cultural Regeneration Research Society is continuously striving to integrate the practices of Leadership Culture, Academic Culture, and Caring Culture, fostering the development of “Journeying with Indigenous Peoples”. We hope to collaboratively create an environment filled with cooperation, education, and care, walking alongside Indigenous communities.

In 2016 CRRS began a partnership with “Vancouver Urban Ministries (VUM)”, a Vancouver-based local charity, to sponsor four First Nation students in elementary school to attend the specialized “Rising Above Tutoring Program.” Students with learning difficulties receive a tutoring session twice a week to improve their reading and writing: the goal is to help them reach their full potential. 

CRRS have also begun caring ministry for Indigenous families and educating more Chinese Canadians about the First Peoples of this land and their cultures. Beginning in 2021, June 22 has been designated as “Eagles Rising Awareness Day”, extending this concept of journeying with Indigenous Peoples to Chinese communities in Canada. 

Practicing Leadership Culture:

In the realm of leadership culture, the role of Outreach Ministry Manager Esther Leung-Kong is crucial. Her leadership is instrumental in fostering cross-cultural understanding, training and development of leaders. Through collaborations with the local organization Vancouver Urban Ministry (VUM), funding tutoring programs for Indigenous students, and organizing summer camps for Indigenous and low-income families’ children, we emphasize the values of cooperation and sharing, nurturing young leaders. Establishing “Eagles Rising Awareness Day” extends the concept of walking alongside Indigenous communities to the Chinese-Canadian community, showcasing the practical application of leadership culture.

Practicing Academic Culture:

In terms of academic culture, we translated the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: 94 Calls to Action” into Chinese and created resource pages focused on Indigenous history and culture. This demonstrates our commitment to cross-cultural understanding and sharing knowledge about Indigenous history and reconciliation. Supporting Indigenous students, enabling children with learning disabilities to discover their potential and improve writing and reading skills, reflects our respect and support for academic culture.

Practicing Caring Culture:

In the realm of a culture of care, we emphasize respect and understanding, encouraging the Chinese-Canadian community to appreciate the diverse perspectives, experiences, and needs of Indigenous people. Through various courses under the “Eagles Rising Programs,” we foster open communication and acceptance of diversity. Collaborating with VUM to organize the “Born to Shine Summer Camp,” providing a safe environment for participants to express themselves, share ideas, cultivate confidence, mutual assistance, and establish support systems, contributes to the promotion and practice of a culture of care.