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Primary School to Senior High School Sponsorship Programs

Witnessing the grave necessity of education in impoverished areas in the countryside, CRRS initiated the Primary School to Senior High School Sponsorship Programs in 2003, focusing on funding students living in the Zhuang Autonomous Region in Guangxi province where many poverty-stricken counties are located.

Since 2003 CRRS has sponsored many children from extremely poor families in the mountainous areas of 14 poor counties in Guangxi. These 14 poor counties are Yangshuo, Cenxi, Wuxuan, Longlin, Ziyuan, Longsheng, Rongsui, Gongcheng, Sanjiang, Luocheng, Huanjiang, Duan, Longzhou and Tiandong counties.

From 2007 in Shanghai CRRS started sponsoring migrant workers’ children whom Chinese government was unable to subsidize until 2012.

In 2011, CRRS began sponsoring senior high school students in Lhasa, Tibet where local government couldn’t allocate fiscal support.

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University Student Sponsorship Program

Not only does CRRS sponsor children of poverty-stricken families from primary school through senior high school, we started our pilot project of “University Student Sponsorship Program” in Guangxi and Shanghai in 2006. The objective is to continue supporting these students and help them complete their university education and reach another milestone in their lives. By providing financial support to the aspiring university students, we hope to nourish more talents and provide more opportunities to change the face of these impoverished regions.

School Rebuilding Projects

In areas that are remote and mountainous in Guangxi, many primary schools were built in the 1950s and 1960s. Due to lack of fiscal budget for maintenance, the school buildings are derelict so students are exposed in harsh weather. In the winter, the buildings cannot keep the cold draughts from blowing in and they leak everywhere when it rains in the summer. Although many buildings are listed as dangerous (or unsafe), the students are still having classes inside. CRRS has continuously funded reconstruction of these school buildings in which children can finally have a bright and safe classroom to study. To date, CRRS has rebuilt eight primary schools which are Jinguang Complete Primary School of Guali Township at Ziyuan County, Bishan Primary School in Gongcheng County, Qinlong Primary School in Wuxuan County, Tunying Primary School in Wuxuan County, Tianmen Primary School in Ziyuan County, Yuantou Primary School in Gongcheng County, Longhuai Primary School in Longlin County, and Jinlong Township High School in Longzhou County.

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