Leadership Culture Training

Various leadership training workshops take place in China at administrative offices, university graduate schools and corporations promoting leadership values on  “Chinese and Canadian Corruption-prevention Cultural Exchange”,  “Moral Education” and “Integrity Training”.


We value the significance of commencing dialogues with Chinese high-level government officials, who are leading the United Front Work Department, the State Council, the Ministry of Culture, and Bureau of Religion, etc. The engaging in-depth discussions cover the topics such as exploring the rule of law in a democratic system and justice and equality in a harmonious society.


The seminars hosted in China and Hong Kong at various religious and corporate venues aim to promote the cultural values of Christianity and Chinese culture. The themes broached are “Sheep Culture” and “Heaven-and-Human Oneness (or Spiritual Unity of Universe and Human Beings)” which emphasize the importance of integrity and ethics to build responsible corporate culture. In collaboration with different universities, CRRS promoted “Servant Leadership” principles to train the new generation of Chinese corporate and government leaders to change their mindset and serve their people first, culminating in leading a high-performance team.


CRRS encourages the Western society to understand more about the history, culture and social development of Chinese frontier such as Tibet and Xinjiang. Theses on the past and present of Tibet and Xinjiang were presented to the Canadian government and the U.S. government in hopes that these theses will help them comprehend China’s perspective on her borderland.


CRRS is dedicated to help Christians and non-Christians equip themselves better by improving their understanding in Chinese culture, delving into their faith in depth and examining the compatibility between Christian faith and Chinese culture.