CRRS Culture Regeneration Research Society was founded in 1994 as a non-profit, non-political, non-denominational, academic organization.

Our Vision

CRRS’s VISION is to influence the emergence of a new Chinese consciousness – firmly rooted in China’s proud heritage and open to limitless possibilities offered by a world rich in diversity of culture, knowledge, thought and creativity. This integrated enlightenment will become a rich spiritual resource for the world.

Our Mission

CRRS’s MISSION is to seed China’s future generation with visions of its own potential and to give it the fundamental tools to enable every child to live out his/her aspirations.

CRRS will achieve its mission through four strategic directions:

  1. achieve an understanding of the latest developments in contemporary Chinese culture
    and possible future direction through academic dialogue and interchange.
  2. promote mutual understanding and harmonization with western culture, spiritual
    disciplines, religious thoughts and contemporary philosophies so that amalgamated
    resources and synergies can be tapped like wellsprings for self-growth,
  3. encourage this new Chinese consciousness to be a force for positive world change and
  4. exemplify the foregoing by practical and measurable actions.


CRRS’s mission and strategic directions are realized through six main ministries which have as their goals:

  1. encourage and enable (through subsidization) scholars from mainland China to study
    contemporary western thought, moral and spiritual disciplines
  2. promote and enable (through subsidization) overseas scholars to study the development
    of contemporary Chinese culture
  3. support research specific to the social and cultural reform processes unfolding in
    contemporary China
  4. publish research findings and academic perspectives
  5. organize forums to enable academic discussion and exchange
  6. initiate the “Basic Education Program” in underserved rural areas of China and
    Christian study programs in universities and research institutes

CRRS Partners and Support Network

The governments of Canada, USA and Hong Kong accord CRRS status as a non-profit charitable organization.

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) recognizes CRRS as an organization (NGO) eligible for subsidization and has funded the 1999 research project “Chinese and Western Anti-Corruption Cultural Research Study”.

Charitable Foundations in Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Australia, as well as countries in South East Asia, have lent their financial support to CRRS. In addition, private individuals and commercial entities all over the world have supported CRRS through donations.

CRRS has had 5000 members world-wide since it was founded in 1994.

CRRS, in 2005, partnered with Lanzhou University in the establishment of the Research Centre for Christianity Studies. The Centre is on campus – its mission is to promote Christianity and its culture in China through academic research. In addition to funding the Christianity – related research projects, CRRS networks overseas mentors with mainland academics/researchers.

CRRS collaborates with various academic institutions, such as the University of Shanghai Fudan, Fudan Development Institute, Beijing Oriental Morality Institute, Beijing Oriental Morality Institute, and Nanjing Theological Seminary in developing academic and educational projects. The most significant projects include : the Chinese and Western Anti-Corruption Cultural Research Study. Morality and Integrity Research Studies, 21st Century Blue-print Series, and Chinese Theology Studies.