Academic Culture

Matteo Ricci model is to respect cultural values and provide services to literati alike in the academic realm.

We appreciate the essence of Chinese philosophy and culture, which is an exemplar of inculturation of faith and philosophical values, and promote global cultural and academic exchange, while condemning folk superstition.

To restore and revitalize Chinese culture, we launched an academic quarterly titled “Cultural China”, which has been distributed to Chinese scholars free of charge for more than twenty years. In fulfilling our mission, we’ve persisted in publishing high-quality journal, which has become nourishment for the mind for millions of Chinese people for the past two decades. Cultural exchange seminars are held in many cities of China, Canada and the United States to encourage dialogues among intellectuals. Dr. Thomas In-sing Leung is engaged in lecturing and teaching at universities and hosting various themed seminars around the globe.

Culture China

Launched in 1994, Cultural China quarterly has been published regularly ever since. Recognized and welcomed among most of Chinese academics, this quarterly journal has become a platform of exchange on which many scholars release results of their research in realms of literature, history and philosophy, detail their findings, share their wisdom and offer their reflection.

Academic Seminars

Religion is a firm belief and set of behavioral models through which human beings transcend their basic motivation and physical needs for survival. Religion inspires compassion and humanism, so immersed in religion individuals find inner strengths and capacities to care for the society. Our goal is to study the possibilities that religion and society interact benignly with each other, how religion and society are impacting each other and the values of these dynamics. We want to know how we can maximize religion’s role in the process of building a socialist harmonious society.

To succeed the last two academic conferences on the theme of “Disaster and religion”, CRRS Hong Kong is once again in collaboration with Sichuan University to host “Religious Culture and Social Caring” academic seminar.